A webcomic created by Kasey Van Hise that follows the story of two siblings who are trapped in a fantasy land called Lavelle. Along the way they meet Ashton, Rio, and Xan. Updates Tuesday and Friday.

Chapter 1Edit

Aiden uses a crystal globe to travel to Lavelle, and Kari follows, but gets trapped in Lavelle, having left the globe behind. Kari meets the mysterious Ashton, who agrees to help her find her brother.

Chapter 2Edit

Chased by angry Gard, Aiden is suddenly captured by another one, Xan. Meanwhile, Kari and Ashton meet Rio, a mysterious stranger who could possibly help them.

Chapter 3Edit

Kari and Aiden are reunited, but are soon attacked by the same Gard that were chasing Aiden. Aiden gets injured, and Xan takes them to safety while Rio holds the deer-men off.

Chapter 4Edit

The protagonists are safe, but Rio comes back, badly injured. Then, Kari discovers the power of amber, and manages to heal Rio and her brother.

Chapter 5Edit

The protagonists are taken to Alderton, where they meet Fiona Colburn, and where Ashton tells them of the Blue King.

Chapter 6Edit

A Blue Prince comes to the colony, to use Rio and Xan to find amber. With him is Commander Grissom, who is secretly a member of Wisteria.