Kari Winters is one of the protagonists of the comic, Winters in Lavelle, along with her brother Aiden. She and Aiden are taken to a fantasy world by a crystal globe. They are separated from each other, and Kari is searching for Aiden when she gets a piece of amber lodged in her neck. Shortly after, she meets Ashton, Rio and Xan, the latter of whom reunites her with her brother. Kari realizes Aiden does not have the crystal globe with him, which means they are trapped in Lavelle. They hope to find a way back to their own world.

Kari Winters





First Appearance

Page 3

Known relatives

Aiden Winters, Leonard Winters, Natalie Winters (deceased), Beatrice Flowers

Kari Winters Turnaround by keshii

Kari Winters, as she appears at the beginning of the story


Kari is a young, blond girl with child-like features. In the first three chapters she wears a blue jacket with an image of a smiling sun on the back, a skirt, and red cowboy boots.


Kari is a cheerful girl, and tries to act mature, but is still quite naive.


When looking at the World Tree, Kari touches a piece of amber, which gets stuck in her neck. Ashton finds her and tells her to hide it, but she later finds out it has magical powers, which she uses to heal Rio, and her own brother.


  • Aiden Winters - Kari very often argues with her brother, as they have conflicting personalities, but still cares about him greatly.
  • Ashton Hartwell - Ashton is the first person Kari encounters in Lavelle. She is frightened by him at first, but quickly grows to like him. He is enamored of her, though as of yet she does not seem to be aware of, or return, his feelings.
  • Rio - The second person she meets, Rio has helped the Winters so far in their adventure, though they don't know much about him or his partner.
  • Xan - Like the others, Kari finds his temper frightening.