Aiden Winters is one of the protagonists of the comic, Winters in Lavelle, along with his sister Kari. He and Kari are taken to a fantasy world by a crystal globe. Aiden, however, doesn't know Kari is in Lavelle, too. He gets an amber in his wrist when he tries to put out a small forest fire he accidentally started. He is attacked by two Gard when they notice the amber, and Aiden discovers that it has granted him the power to set things on fire when he tries to run away. Xan captures him shortly afterward and brings him to Rio, where he is reunited with his sister and discovers that she doesn't have the crystal globe with her, either, which means that they are both trapped in Lavelle. They hope to find a way back to their own world.

Aiden Winters





First Appearance

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Known relatives

Kari Winters, Leonard Winters, Natalie Winters (deceased), Beatrice Flowers



Aiden is a blond, teenage boy, who wears normal clothing, including a shirt with a picture of a cloud on it, and a red jacket.


While Aiden is the oldest sibling, he isn't always mature, and sometimes acts impulsively.


As Aiden is walking in Lavelle, he kicks a small object that lands in the leaves, catching fire. While putting out the fire, the object gets stuck in his wrist. He can use it to start fires, though the power seems to only work during the day.


  • Kari Winters - Aiden and Kari often argue because of their different personalities, but they still care about each other a lot.
  • Ashton Hartwell - While Kari completely trusts Ashton, Aiden is more suspicious, and doesn't like that Ashton is so close to his sister. They seem to have a mutual dislike of each other.
  • Rio and Xan - Xan is intimidating and often violent towards Aiden.